Simple Minds | Direction of the Heart

«Direction of the Heart» is Simple Minds’ 18th studio album, and their first of new material since 2018’s UK Top 5 album «Walk Between Worlds». Remarkably for a band who have been together for 45 years, the record sounds modern and fresh, but also contains hints of past hits. It delivers some of their best moments of recent years, such as the euphoric opener, «Vision Thing», with its pounding drums, synths, pristine production and the distinctive guitar playing of guitarist Charlie Burchill. «First You Jump» sounds like it could belong on their «Sparkle in the Rain» album, apart from the modern production. From Sparkle to Sparks, Sparks frontman Russell Mael makes a guest appearance on «Human Traffic». The opening of «Solstice Kiss» is reminiscent of «Belfast Child». We are taken even further back in time to the band’s early days of the late 70s on «Act of Love», with its intense electronics. The song was written by Kerr and Burchill in Glasgow during the year the band formed, 1977, and performed as the opening song of their first ever gig. The album closer «The Walls Came Down» (written and originally recorded by The Call) features the record’s best vocal performance by Kerr and sounds like a mix between Bowie in his Berlin period and Gary Numan.  Although the album might not win any new fans over, it’s a must for Simple Minds fans. (We have an interview with Jim Kerr coming in the next issue – subscribe here!)

4/6 | Anne-Marie Forker
Release date: 21 October 2022