Crobot | Feel This

Mascot Records

«Feel This», Crobot’s fourth studio album, is the follow-up to «Motherbrain» from 2019. There is a live feeling to the high energy rock of singer Brandon Yeagley, guitarist Chris Bishop, bassist Tim Peugh and drummer Dan Ryan as the band recorded every song together in the studio. The opening track «Electrified» has fast and hard rock riffs, with a huge sound and groove that is found throughout the record. Even the tracks that start like ballads, such as «Set You Free», also develop a hard rock groove. There are tiny traces of other musical styles, such as a pop feeling to the chorus in “Dance With The Dead” and the funk guitar rhythm in “Never Break Me”, but these are fleeting moments in a hard rock powerhouse. A highlight is the dark, metallic and melodic “Golden” which was written as an homage to Chris Cornell.

4/6 | Anne-Marie Forker

Release date: 3 June 2022