Maraton | Unseen Color

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The second album of Oslo based Maraton (Fredrik Bergersen Klemp (vocals),  Simen Hundere Ruud (guitar), Frank Nordeng Røe (drums),  Magnus Johansen (keys) and Ruben Aksnes (bass)), «Unseen Color», is a mix of alternative rock, pop, electronica and prog, all decorated with the timbre of Klemp’s remarkable falsetto vocals and excellent production.

Expect catchy hooks and addictive melodies on tracks such as the up-tempo «Contrarym» and «Perdurant Lives» (which sounds like Tears for Fears and some of the electronic work of Susanne Sundfør). There are traces of Leprous throughout the record, such as on the progressive «Odradek», and like Einar Solberg, Klemp has a rare, unpredictable voice that is capable of taking you anywhere.

The band show extra depth with the space and orchestration on the longest track of the album, the seven minute «A Body Of Your Own», featuring piano and violins, and is a track that Matt Bellamy of Muse would be proud of. It would be worth buying the record for this track alone, but fortunately there is plenty of other music on the album to enjoy, and it’s better than Muse’s latest release. Recommended. 

4,5/6 | Anne-Marie Forker

Utgivelsesdato: 7. oktober 2022